Vinaya Speaks is owned and operated by Vinaya Ghimire.

Vinaya Ghimire is a writer based in Nepal. He has published more than 2000 articles on The Rising Nepal, The Kathmandu Post and many other newspapers in Nepal. He is also the author of Amazing Alphabet and People’s War in Nepal.

Apart from working as a writer, Vinaya also works as a Digital Marketer, WordPress Designer, and SEO expert.

Vinaya also runs and manages numerous blogs. You can read his works on Daddy Blog Travel Nepal Wellbeing Mag and Healing Body

Beside writing/blogging, internet marketing and web designing, you can see him tending his cattle, working in his farm, or taking photos. He lives in his farm in western Nepal with his wife, son, and parents.

Vinaya Speaks is the voice of Vinaya Ghimire, it is the official blog for this writer, blogger, digital marketer, web designer and SEO expert. On Vinaya Speaks, you can read Vinaya’s articles on Cultural Anthropology, Psychology, Religion and Spirituality, Ethics and Morality, and Self Help. You can also read Vinaya’s personal stories on Vinaya Speaks.

You can find more about Vinaya on his website VinayaGhimire.com