Author: Vinaya

Five Good Movies About Love

July 23, 2016

What is your chosen genre in movie? Do you love romance movies, movies based on relationship, or the movies that explore passion? If you love movies thematically based on love, here are five good movies about love, perfect to watch with your partner/spouse/valentine. In The Mood For Love In The Mood For Love is a […]

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I Married and Then Fell In Love

June 9, 2016

When I saw you for the first time, I did not see your beauty, I did not feel the beauty of your heart. I saw blemishes on your face, I saw your dull complexion, I saw your uneven teeth. When I talked to you for the first time, the thought that evolved in my mind […]

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Children Story Books by Sannel Larson

April 15, 2016

Children Love To Tell StoriesIf you are a parent, you might perhaps know your children always make stories. If you are not a parent yet, or you are just a single, you might have noticed that the children of your relatives or the children in your neighborhood always make stories. Children love stories and we […]

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What’s In a Man’s Mind?

February 26, 2016

If you search “What’s in a man’s mind” on Google, you will find an illustration of Sigmund Freud with a naked girl on the head. In the illustration, a woman’s folded leg is Freud’s nose and pubic hair is Freud’s eyebrow.  It is a popular illustration of an optical illusion that demonstrates the main thesis […]

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You and I: A Journey into the Self

January 19, 2016

Well, it is not that easy to describe “I.” Who is this I? What is this I? Similarly, You is also an obscure persona. However, the only thing that is clear is I is not You, and you is not I. When I am referring to “I,” I mean I, me and myself. When I […]

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Hindu Marriage Rituals

December 25, 2015

The Hindu marriage is an ancient tradition. Hindu marriage rituals and prayers are mentioned in the Hindu Theology Rig Veda, which is said to be at least five thousand years old. Hindu wedding is an elaborate function. Even though most of the Hindus today perform one or two day wedding rituals, the proper Hindu wedding […]

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Religious History Of Nepal

December 18, 2015

Nepal, a country tugged between India and Tibet is a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Lumbini, Nepal about 2600 years ago. Some of the Buddhist shrines in Nepal dates back before the Beginning of Common Era. History of Hinduism in Nepal can be traced back […]

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Money Grows On Trees

December 16, 2015

As I am typing this I am also thinking about the ways to make more money. When I finish writing this, I will Google “how to make more money.” In the modern times, money has become more important than anything else. We need money to eat, we need money to cover our bodies, we need […]

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