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Making Money is Fine But You Also Need Proper Rest

December 13, 2019

Do you think money is extreme pleasure? It’s one of those posts which I write seldom but feeling different right now. Actually I met someone in my office when I was about to leave for home at my fixed 1 PM. He is not my friend but I know him for a long time as […]

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How to Prepare Your Child For a Good Future Citizen

May 28, 2019

Do you think your children need your guidance?Life is too precious so I can’t leave it on its own course. I must take every step as I take when going to appear in an interview or I should play every shot as cautiously as I play a shot at the golf course. It’s all in […]

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Fixed Sleeping Hours Can Help You Sleep Better

March 23, 2019

Fixed sleeping hours are important It is advised that if you try to go to sleep at the same time every day it helps although I find it difficult to sleep at same time every day but it should help as your body gets accustomed to this pattern. And it goes without saying that if […]

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Face Your Difficult Time With Courage

October 20, 2018

A different Lady Gaga I was going through an article in a magazine about problems faced by Stefani O Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady gaga recently. After reading her story my views have changed or I should say I have become even more positive about her to great extent. She was born in New York, […]

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How to Control Your Anger and Stay on Top

September 11, 2018

Easy way to control your anger After reading certain stories I have always felt differently,  some of these stories I read give me a special sense of motivation but some of them make me think deeply even if I find myself in negative mindset by reading them but good for me I manage to come […]

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You Stand a Chance to Earn Better

June 16, 2018

Are you tall and handsome? Your body type, genes, height, earning have a relation in between them. No I am not going to tell you to get a job in fashion or sex industry or making extra money by selling your body. No, please don’t read me wrong as there are few other ways selling […]

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Change Your Life For Better With Positive Thinking

March 27, 2018

There are some people whose life can change from one day to another, as it was some sort of a magic pill. This is what we call positive thinking. When we think positively we are creating consciously ways in order that we can have success in many areas of our life, such as in our […]

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