Why You Should Admit Your Mistakes to Learn From Mistakes

February 25, 2019

Guilt associated with failures and mistakes is prevalent in every country and culture. Parents, teachers, friends, colleagues and the boss always remind you to be ashamed of your failures and mistakes. You begin to feel guilty for your actions, which later results in inability to do it again, or try new things. Feeling guilty for […]

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What is Psychoanalysis? How Psychotherapy is Used to Treat Depression

January 9, 2018

Psychoanalysis is a method to treat mental disorders. In psychoanalysis, unconscious mind is unraveled thus making a person adaptive to his/her emotions and environment. Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) is the father Psychoanalysis. Oedipus complex is one of the notable theories of Sigmund Freud. Erik Erikson elaborated Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis and proposed psychosocial stage […]

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Carl Jung Theory of Electra Complex

November 2, 2017

Electra complex, in psychoanalysis, is a daughter’s rivalry towards her mother and unconscious physical desire for her father. Sigmund Freud propounded the theory of Oedipus complex in The Interpretation of Dreams, in 1899. And Swiss psychologist Carl Jung proposed that female equivalent of Oedipus complex is Electra complex. When Carl Jung coined Electra complex in […]

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Why it is Okay to Fail? Why Failure is Normal?

September 10, 2016

According to the results of three experiments conducted by French researchers, “telling children that it is okay to fail at school can actually help them do better academically.” The experiments were conducted by Frederique Autin and Jean-Claude Croizet of the University of Poitiers and the National Center for Scientific Research in Poitiers, France. The American […]

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What’s In a Man’s Mind?

February 26, 2016

If you search “What’s in a man’s mind” on Google, you will find an illustration of Sigmund Freud with a naked girl on the head. In the illustration, a woman’s folded leg is Freud’s nose and pubic hair is Freud’s eyebrow.  It is a popular illustration of an optical illusion that demonstrates the main thesis […]

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