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Zen Buddhism: How to Implement Zen Buddhism Teacher Lessons in Life

March 2, 2017

What is Zen Buddhism? Zen is the Japanese word for Sanskrit dhyāna, which literally means meditation. Zen is called Chan in China, Son in Korea and Thien in Vietnam. Zen is a part of Mahayana School of Buddhism and the most important expansion in the East Asian Buddhist tradition. It is often identified with tea […]

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Why it is Okay to Fail? Why Failure is Normal?

September 10, 2016

According to the results of three experiments conducted by French researchers, “telling children that it is okay to fail at school can actually help them do better academically.” The experiments were conducted by Frederique Autin and Jean-Claude Croizet of the University of Poitiers and the National Center for Scientific Research in Poitiers, France. The American […]

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