Making Money is Fine But You Also Need Proper Rest

December 13, 2019

Do you think money is extreme pleasure? It’s one of those posts which I write seldom but feeling different right now. Actually I met someone in my office when I was about to leave for home at my fixed 1 PM. He is not my friend but I know him for a long time as […]

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Face Your Difficult Time With Courage

October 20, 2018

A different Lady Gaga I was going through an article in a magazine about problems faced by Stefani O Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady gaga recently. After reading her story my views have changed or I should say I have become even more positive about her to great extent. She was born in New York, […]

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You Stand a Chance to Earn Better

June 16, 2018

Are you tall and handsome? Your body type, genes, height, earning have a relation in between them. No I am not going to tell you to get a job in fashion or sex industry or making extra money by selling your body. No, please don’t read me wrong as there are few other ways selling […]

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