Duality In The World: Why The World is Dual in Nature

There are two schools of thoughts in Hinduism: Duality and None-Duality. Hinduism explains the nature (world) as being twofold. Duality or “dwait” as mentioned in the Vedas is the state of being twofold. Interestingly, Hinduism does not talk about singleness. According to the Hindu theologies, there is no such thing as being one, instead the Vedas talks about “none-duality” that can be transliterated as “not two” or “adwait.”

Duality is the nature of the world. Our religion talks about God, but it also mentions Devil. We have long nights, but there are also long days. Rain is not permanent, there will be shine.

Not just the world, human being’s life is also intrinsically dual in nature. Let us explain this with common concepts such as success and failure. Success and failures are common happenings in human life. No one wants to fail, no body begins a project thinking that they are ultimately going to fail. Everyone is looking forward to become successful.  However, there is no such thing as 100 percent success, chances of failing are always there. This is because the world is dual in nature and human beings are fated to deal with deality.

Likewise, happiness exists because there is sadness. Happiness and sadness are the two states, the state of being twofold. Happiness and sadness both are temporary situation. One moment you are happy and the very next moment you can become sad. There is no absolute happiness and absolute sadness.

Happiness is based on your situation and mood. Happiness can be something such as having a cup of coffee when you want most, or find the perfect job, going on a vacation etc. Happiness differs from people to people. They say true happiness is all about being contented with what you have.

You feel pain as well as pleasure. This also explains the duality in nature. Pain and pleasure that you find in life are transient. You won’t be in pain always, and you won’t live with pleasure always. Pain and pleasure both are temporary conditions. If you are feeling pain today, you will find pleasure tomorrow. If it is dark everywhere there will be light tomorrow.

Since the world is dual in nature, human beings have to deal with twin realities of negativism as well as positivism. There are two ways to deal with negativity. One you avoid negativity, two you get into negativity and change it into positivism.  Avoiding negativity means you get away from negative people and thoughts. Getting into negativity implies, you hang out with negative people and change them into optimist people. There is too much negativity around, the world needs positive vision. We must understand positive attracts and negativity repels. This is how the world runs

The duality school of thought also explains that human beings do not have “fixed personality.” In other words, human beings are not always same. Their personality always changes. You are not the same person that you were two years ago. However, the change in the personality is not voluntary, in fact personality change involuntary. You may try to change your personality, however, it will be just an acting.

4 thoughts on “Duality In The World: Why The World is Dual in Nature

  1. I really do agree with this post. People’s perception differs so is their personality and behavior.But dealing with them makes one stronger and socialize.

  2. i think i agree with you on this on. life is a mixture of two opposite(dual) , good&bad, sweet & bitter etc
    thanks for this educative post

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