How Do You Become a Better Person?

Have you ever thought, why human beings are placed on the top of the pyramid structure of animal kingdom? That’s because human beings have superior intelligence. Interestingly, human beings are born with average intelligence and by learning constantly, they become a better person.

You have to always learn from masters. Here are some time tested learning tips to become a better person.

Age is never a barrier: In order to learn something, age does not matter. It does not matter whether you are young or old, novice or experienced, you can always start learning.

Any time is the right time: There is no bad time for learning if you want to learn you can start learning any time. Socrates was trying to learn how to play a musical instrument even though he was sentenced to death.

Exercise self-control: All of wants enjoyment in life, however, life is not all about enjoyment. There are things you should learn in order to make life better. Therefore every learner needs to exercise self-control.

Learn how to learn: One of the best ways to learn is learning how to learn. Find out various learning methods and apply the method that best suits you.

Learn what you know and what you don’t: No one is dumb. You know many things that others don’t know. To learn something you should know what you already know. You can always learn what you don’t know.

Become a better learner by multitasking: Multitasking does not mean you watch the TV while reading the book. Multitasking means doing similar things at the same time.  For instance, you can start learning two different subjects at the same time.

Don’t be afraid of castigation: The world is full of cynics. There are people around us who always try to downgrade us. Don’t be afraid of people who criticize you.

Don’t be afraid of failures: It is not possible to succeed in every walk of life. Failures are the part of our life.

Do the hard work: You will learn only when you work hard. Hard working means studying the subject matter, practicing the lesson learned.

Relate what you have learned: You learn to make your life better. Your knowledge is for your life. Relate what you have learned to your real life.

Try to understand, rather than memorizing: Of course there are things that need to memorized, however, for effective learning, you need to understand. Actually, when you understand, you can memorize it.

Figure out your weakness: Find out what you find most difficult. Study the subject more, practice the lesson and develop your knowledge.

Seek to find the key concept: When you are learning a certain subject, try to find out the key concepts. Once you know what the subject is all about, you will develop the ability to improve your understanding.

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  1. If money can buy happiness, I believe many rich guys there will be happy to smile and give charity to people who need it. But I rarely to see rich people with happiness in their life. Believe me, I am telling you the truth.

  2. This article definitely reminds of basic principles that every man needs to follow, which would help anybody lead a perfect life.

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