Stress is a Reality: But How do You Cope With Stress

Every human being has his own emotional and psychological threshold which when this threshold is crossed it takes the shape of stress.

This can be due to anything that falls beyond the handling capacity of the human being.

In this modern world, stress has become an inevitable entity. So in order to be successful, it is mandatory that a person should master this art of handling stress. Always remember it is not the stress that matters, it is the way we handle stress which makes the difference.

Here are a few practical points which can be followed to lower down the stress level.

1.    RELIEVE THE FAULTY THOUGHT PROCESS-  It is “all in the mind”. All you need is to do is to regulate your thoughts. The way to look at things and analyze them directly affects our way of dealing with them. Try to focus on what needs to be done rather than thinking about the results. If the action is correct, the outcome will definitely be good.

2.    YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOUR- It is important to believe that no one else can make your life better. Nothing works better than strong will power and your quest for a stress-free life. It is you and only you who can mold your life the way you want it to be.

3.    STOP EXPECTING FROM OTHERS- This is what works best in stress caused by unhealthy relationships. Never expect others to offer a helping hand. It is better to only trust yourself and try to make a way out all on your own.

4.    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS- God has gifted every person with something or the other. In our search for what we want we usually don’t value what we have. Just look around and see all that you have. Be appreciative about your assets and possessions. This will help to curb all the feelings of failure and disappointment.

5.    VALIDATION- Before you begin to worry, always validate whether the problem is really so intense that you can allow it to bother you mentally and psychologically. We often tend to worry about issues which will hold no significance in the later stages of life.

6.    SOLUTION LESS PROBLEMS-Stress is the main outcome of trying to find a solution to every problem. Some problem either doesn’t have a solution or the solution is beyond your control. You have to learn with them happily and that too in a calm, composed manner. The problem will soon recede and makes its own way out. Time has great healing powers. Problems which appear too big at present will not at all matter in the due course of life. So there is no point in over thinking and spoiling the present.

7.  HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE- A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Focus on your health and fitness. Endorphins released in this process will start making you feel better. This will help to improve your capacity for handling stress.

8.  ADOPT A POSITIVE OUTLOOK-  The world is full of negativity. It depends on our ability to choose the positive elements from it. If you think about good things, they will come to you sooner or later.

9.  TAKE OUT TIME FOR YOURSELF- The so-called “ME” time is important if we want to distress ourselves. Take out time for yourself (small or big), pamper yourself and do anything that makes you feel happy. We cannot make others happy until we are happy.

10.  ADOPT CHANGE WITH CIRCUMSTANCES- Sometimes our stringent attitude is the sole reason for stress in our life. Try to regulate control over yourself. A slight change in behavior and perspective can have a direct effect on the roots of stress.

Implementing these small changes will make you come closer to a stress-free life. Problems are an integral part of everyone ’s life. It is just a way of dealing with these problems which make our life heaven or hell.

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