How to Control Your Anger and Stay on Top

Easy way to control your anger

After reading certain stories I have always felt differently,  some of these stories I read give me a special sense of motivation but some of them make me think deeply even if I find myself in negative mindset by reading them but good for me I manage to come out of negative feelings soon. But is there any easy way to control your anger?

I think yes, there is more than one especially for the professionals who have public dealing and face tons of uncomfortable moments.

I would rather stay calm and deal with whatever unpleasant things try to push me back at that one bad moment. There is no use in keep crying for bad memories. Whatever has happened has happened and has already become part of the past.

A simple question

I ask a simple question from young professionals – what do you do when you feel angry or irritated by unfavorable questions by your customers. I tell them being angry is a normal human behavior but keeping it in control is your responsibility.

If you ask me, I have a simple way for keeping my bad temper under control. I count backward starting from hundred to zero and I forget all my anger. If it doesn’t work I take a glass of water and restart counting. You know, what is one of the simplest ways of getting relaxed? If you see a flower around go and smell it. It’s one sure shot way getting rid of anger instantly.

I suggest to all my professional friends when you are in one such situation just keep your cool. Take a long breath and think twice before taking your next step. The time never remains the same but the life is full of ups and downs. You hope to cope with all situations that take their turn, especially when the bad incidents happen.

I know it’s not going to be in your favor all the time but you should think I a positive and clear cut way. As a professional you will have to deal with all such situations. You will have to stay on the ground during your good days and try never to look down during your bad days.

Take it easy man

As far I am concerned I take all whatever good or bad is happening around me in my stride or whatever the situation. I am pleased for myself since suggestions coming fast and thick from all possible quarters. You know we do not meet real well wishers in such a mean world anymore, not every day at least.

I am lucky that I am in the company of positive and learned people all the time with good and supportive intentions.

I have no doubt about the fact that calm and relaxed professionals get more business therefore more chances of going up in their career. In fact they are least worried about their promotion because it comes to them naturally. They generally don’t feel stressing easily and deal with difficult situations in a comfortable way.

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  1. Anger is a common trait of human beings. In fact even the animals get angry. The only difference between human anger and animal anger is human have tools to control anger.

  2. really, this is an amazing article about controlling ander. This information is very useful and helpful for us thanks for sharing this article.

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