Ignorant People are Happier: Studies

Happiness Faith and IQ

I was reading a survey report that said people with lesser IQ stay happier compared to people with higher IQ. Good job that cleared all my doubts why I am always so cheerful- Low IQ – what else? Honestly, it’s a fact that people not too worried about the whole of the world but limited to their own small circle looking after each others’ problem feel better than so-called intelligent people.

Being too intelligent has another related fact that most such people tend to be atheist rather than being religious that means people with higher IQ do not have faith in God. On the contrary people having faith in their respective gods feel better and stay happy. I am sure about this theory is right but not entirely. Look at me I am not a great believer but I always live happily.

Are you intelligent because you believe in science?

Let’s face it that if the atheists think that their atheism is due their rational thinking or if they argue that they don’t believe in God but in science. Probably they want to show the world that evidence and logic come only to people like them. I am not saying that being an atheist is wrong or unacceptable but saying that belief in God or supernatural determines their thinking level- wrong.

However, I don’t think that thinking evidence-based or depending on scientific researches make you any better than people who believe in god and still can think rationally. By the way I am an engineer and seen theories change from time to time or subject to checks and various experiments and tests.

I have my own opinion

On a serious note, all said and done but I will not take all these results of all the surveys carried out in Europe and America as the number of people surveyed represented were too few. I mean even if they chose 1000 people in different localities the number was not enough to represent more than 7 billion people of the world’s population.

Besides the result was entirely based on surveyors’ outlook on how they calculated the level of happiness or wisdom of the people they surveyed. However, I can agree with them to the extent that people with religious beliefs tend to stay happier or they tackle their petty issues leaving everything to God’s will. For instance, the patients surveyed in American hospitals underwent their surgeries with a more positive frame of mind.

There is another example and this is not me who is saying that but the report of the surveys published in Forbes says that people living in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the saddest people in the world despite having among the countries with most per capita income in the world. People in countries like India with all the poverty and lacking in physical facilities remain happy for their religious faith.


Okay, science can provide you the proof provided you have ways to test the facts. So the atheists would say give us the proof of existence of god! We have no proof of existence of god but then even science has no concrete proof of so many theories. Therefore, I reached to the conclusion that I am so happy in my life because I am not all that intelligent.

So my question is- Are you more intelligent because you do not believe in god? Cheers!

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