In Search of God: How Do We Find God

Are you a believer or an atheist? Do you believe in God and religion, and follow specific path (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc.), or are a spiritualist having strong faith in the Almighty who is neither Christian nor Muslim or Buddhist. Or perhaps, you an atheist, who does not believe in God?

There is a popular legend that involves an existentialist philosopher called Nietzsche. He lighted a lantern and walked on the street in the board daylight. When people asked what he was doing, he said, “I am searching God.”

Whether you are an atheist, religious or spiritualist, you will always be a part of a discussion that involves God.

I have not walked on the street like Nietzsche, however, I am also trying to find God since I was a child. Before we search for something, we must know what we are looking for. Therefore, when we are searching God we must know exactly Who is God? How is God? Where is God?

What is the gender of God we are referring? Does God have a gender? Christians refer God as He. Muslims refer Allah as He. Buddhist God is a male. Hindus have female “Gods,” however, the major gods are male.

Do you believe God and religion are separate? The truth is God and religion cannot be separated. God exists because of religion and the ultimate aim of religion is finding God. Religion and spirituality can be differentiated, however, God and religion cannot be segregated.

God is the part of religion, right? What is the religion of God we are referring? For a Hindu, God is Hindu. For Christians, God is Christian, For Muslims, God is Muslim. Does God have a religion, or the religion of God is based on the religion of followers?

What is the form of God we are referring? Christians believe in formless God but they bow to Christ (human form) on Cross. For Muslims, Allah also does not have form but they bow to a black stone(religious icon) on Mecca. Hindus have Gods who are more like human beings (only difference is they are bigger, have more hands etc.). Buddhist God is purely in human form.

According to Hinduism, there are three stages of existence: God, Human Being and the Demon. We are born as human beings and it is up to us whether we remain human being, or downfall to Demon or climb upward to God

Religious institutions (Church/Mosque, religious organizations), monk and priests are not the sole representative of God or religion. These institutions and people just interpret religion and God.

In Hinduism, there is a popular saying “Word is God.” It is interesting to note that why word is interpreted as God. Perhaps because word is knowledge, word is truth, God is knowledge as well as truth.  If “Word” is God, we can use words to inspire ourselves, do good for the mankind.

I believe in God, but my God is not Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. My God is neither woman, nor man. My God does not have any form. What kind of God do you believe?

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