Money Grows On Trees

As I am typing this I am also thinking about the ways to make more money. When I finish writing this, I will Google “how to make more money.”

In the modern times, money has become more important than anything else. We need money to eat, we need money to cover our bodies, we need money to have a shelter, we need money to live.

As a child, I was always told that money does not grow on trees. “Son, money does not grow on trees,” my father always reminded me, “Your papa works hard to make money.” It was a didactic statement to stop me becoming a spendthrift.

Yes, money did not grow in trees. I looked at the trees around, all I saw was leaves, flowers, or fruits. However, as I grew older, I understood money actually grew on trees. When we use timber, firewood and fruits, we can make money out of trees. I told this to my father, when I was a teenager.

Father laughed. “Son, you have a point, you plant a tree, wait for years and make money. But in order to plant a tree, you need to own a piece of land.”

As a boy of 15 years, I did not have answer. However, after I graduated from the university, I walked towards my old father and said, “Dad, I now own a piece of land, I will plant trees and make money.”

This time father did not say anything. Tears welled up in his eyes.

Mantra for making money and getting rich was as simple as that. Most of the world’s richest persons were not born into a rich family. Think about Microsoft owner Bill Gates and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg.

I know you can understand my point. However, do we all have the knack to become Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg?

Money Happiness

Thinking Too Much About Money

What if money actually flowered in plants? What if plants gave money instead of fruits?

Is there a plant that produces money?

Actually, there is a plant called Money Plant, however, this money plant does not flower with money, it does not bear money. Money plant is a plant originally from south-east Europe which is used for indoor decoration. Instead of money, it gives aromatic purple flower and papery silver-white seedpods.

I don’t know why this plant is called money plant. However, I have grown this plant in my home. I wish I could have taken a photo of my money plant and shared with my article. However, I am not interested in the plant that does not give money but is named money plant.

I have memories about this money plant. The memory is based on a song in Nepali language by Madan Krishna Shrestha. Here is the literal translation of two lines from the song:

While seeking money, I planted money plant

But when will my money plant bear money!

Money Can Buy Happiness

Money is very important discovery of human civilization. In fact money is the basis of human society. We need money to eat and live, and also gain knowledge and wisdom. The entire human acts that you can remember are aimed at money making.

I write because I want money, I publish because I want money. For me money is the number one motivating factor. I believe money can buy happiness for me. Am I thinking too much about money? Am I too concerned about money? Am I sick about money?

For me, money is happiness because money will buy me a quality of life and all the things I desire. For me, money is health because I can treat disease. For me, money is religion and faith because I can help the poor.

Money can buy most of the things including happiness.

Many people believe that money cannot buy everything. They believe that money cannot buy happiness. It may be their truth, however I will have to contradict on this idea. Money can actually buy happiness.

I can give you my explanations on how money can buy happiness. However, before I explain my idea, I will ask you what is happiness?

Happiness means living a comfortable life in a nice house. Happiness means being able to own everything you want, for example car, clothes etc. Happiness means you can go for a vacation. You need money to be able to do that.

What is your true treasure? House? Car? Gold? Diamonds? Cash? Property? Or, wonderful family: caring parents, loving spouse, lovely children, helpful siblings; good friends who are always ready to help and support you.

Most people will go for second option, but they actually want the first option.

Normally, people say money cannot buy happiness. Quite opposite to this belief, I announce that…

Money can buy most of the things including happiness.


How Important is Money in Your Life?

Many people say that money is not everything. Contrarily to the popularly held belief, money helps you to acquire everything. Let me exemplify.

Money helps you to become healthy: If you make a lot of money, you will not directly become healthy. However, money assists you to become healthy. You can buy healthy and nutritious food; you can pay medical bills and afford treatment.

Money helps you to find love: You cannot buy a husband or a wife with money, however, money can help you show your love. You can buy things for your loved ones with money.

Money can buy you happiness: you can use your money to make your partner happy by buying things. Your wife will be happier to get a diamond ring instead of a rose. Your husband will be happier to get a designer suit instead of a handkerchief.

Since money can buy health, love and happiness, I give much importance to making money. Money is the end product of everything I do. How much money I can earn by doing this work is my main concern. I relate the time in terms of money I make, for example how much money I can earn by spending an hour doing this work. I try to become a professional by calculating time spent with money earned.

Money gives you the power. You can buy position with money. You have to spend money to study, gain knowledge.

In Hinduism, earning money is one of the four main activities ascribed for an individual. Other three are faith, fulfilling desire and attaining liberation.

Now that you and I have finished reading and writing this article, lets Google “how to make more money.”


4 thoughts on “Money Grows On Trees

  1. As the Beatles sang, “Money can’t buy me love.” Yes, you can use it to help others whether they be your loved ones or the poor. I just don’t think money is the answer to everything.

    1. Even though the Beatles sang Money can’t buy happiness, these days people buy things for their partners and make them happy. People just don’t admit that money can buy happiness. However, I appreciate your answer. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I will google on it, thanks!
    I will say money can’t buy happiness but can give peace to life, it will make you feel easy and happy without worrying about money and source of income.

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