Five Good Movies About Love

What is your chosen genre in movie? Do you love romance movies, movies based on relationship, or the movies that explore passion? If you love movies thematically based on love, here are five good movies about love, perfect to watch with your partner/spouse/valentine.

In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love is a Chinese movie from a famed director Wong Kar-wai. The movie follows a platonic love story of a man and woman who are stuck with unsatisfying conjugal life. The movie was premiered in Cannes in 2000 and was nominated for Palme d'Or.

Unlike mainstream Chinese action movies featuring kung fu fights, In the Mood for Love is a silent love story, silent in a sense that the two lovers never express their love vocally. Despite being tied to nagging spouse, the lovers never try to consummate their love in marriage.  The movie is set in middle class suburb in Hong Kong. The movie is visually moving and the background score is very soothing.

If you are one of the people who feel frustrated to read the subtitles while watching foreign movie, you could be relieved while watching In The Mood For Love. The movie tells the story through visuals, body language, facial expressions and background score. There are very few dialogues in the movie.

In The Mood For Love is a good movie to watch with your partner. The movie does not contain any explicit scenes and can be watched by all ages. If you love romance genre and you enjoy watching foreign movie, you will definitely love In the Mood for Love.

The Reader

I give five stars for this movie, (which means this movie is highly recommended); however, you must be aware that this movie contains explicit scenes.

If you are looking for a good movie to watch with your partner, I recommend The Reader. It is an American-German film about love and war crimes. The movie features Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, David Kross, BurnoGanz (the German actor who played Hitler in 2004 movie Downfall).

Kate Winslet has won at least 11 awards, including BAFTA, Academy Awards and Golden Globe for portraying the role of Hanna Schmitz, a former SS officer in Nazi’s Germany. 

One rainy day Michael, a young school boy, meets Hanna, a bus conductor. They two have a torrid affair for the entire summer. Then one day Hanna disappears. Years later, law student Michael sees Hanna in a Nazi Tribunal court. Hanna is convicted of her crimes and sent to life imprisonment. Michael does not find courage to meet Hanna. Later he begins to send her recordings of book reading. And their love begins to flourish again.

Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

Warning: The movie contains some sexually explicit scenes.


Samsara is a German, Indian and Italian joint venture feature film. It is based on the Buddhist philosophy that there is no end to desire, and fulfilling one-desire results in the birth of another desire.

The movie follows the life of a Buddhist monk who after meditating in seclusion for three years comes to live in a monastery but suddenly feels strong sexual urge, and returns to a domestic life. He who was initiated into Buddhism when he was five years old marries a woman to sublimate his passion, but soon begins to practice adultery and becomes a slave of sexual passion.

After exploring passion for many years and living a commoner’s life, the former monk begins to sag under the hardship of domestic life, now, he is ready to return to the life of a monk.

Samsara is directed by Pan Nalinand was released in 2002.  The movie has won Audience Award Most Popular Film in Melbourne International Film Festival.

I Am Love

I Am Love is an Italian romance movie (Italian: Lo SonoL’amore) released in 2009 (Italy) and 2010 (US). It is directed by Luca Guadagnino. The movie was nominated in the Best Foreign Film category in the Golden Globe Awards. I Am Love also has one Academy Awards Nomination in the Best Costume category.

The movie raises an interesting question. Do happily married people actually have love in their life? The protagonist in I Am Love is a Russian woman with a grown up son and a daughter. She is married to a wealthy Italian businessman in Milan. She seems happy and content. Soon, she discovers what a fake life she had been living. I Am Love is a story of a woman who finds freedom by exploring passion that she had been suppressing for years. The movie is about finding true love in life.

One fateful day, when the family is celebrating the patriarch’s birthday, the son brings home his friend. When the friend is introduced to the family, no one could assume that one day the mother will develop an intimate relationship with this stranger. The day is marked with many events, for instance an important member of the family accidently dies, the mother knows that her daughter is a lesbian, and the son lost a competition with this stranger who also happens to be a cook.

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is a wonderful movie, however, if you are not comfortable to watch explicit nudity and sex scenes this movie is not for you. Since Wild orchid is about unbridled passion, it is a perfect movie to watch with the love of your life. Explicit nudity and sex scenes in the movie Wild Orchid will help you understand how passion enslaves human beings and how it also liberates human soul.

Wild Orchid is an adult romance released in 1990. The movie features Mickey Rourke, Carre Otis and Jacqueline Bisset. It is directed by Zalman King. Wild Orchid is a very successful movie, it was produced with the budget of $7 million, but made more than $100 million worldwide.

Wild Orchid features two interesting characters. The male protagonist is a self-made man, who is psychologically ill, and the female protagonist is a simple woman who wants to rise high. The man had a troubled childhood which makes him some kind of voyeur. He enjoys playing with woman’s mind and does not want the body. He is so much in love with the woman, however, because of his troubled mind he forces her to make love with a stranger.

The movie ends with a good overtone. The woman comes to rescue the man.

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