How to be Awakened and Experience Awareness: Awakening and Awareness According To The Buddha

November 29, 2018

Nepal is the melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism developed in Nepal and Buddhism evolved in Nepal. Hinduism as well as Buddhism emphasize in Awakening. What is Awakening exactly? What is Awakening? Awakening means becoming aware about the true nature of the self and understanding the nature of the world. Awakening can happen at […]

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How to Tackle Addiction Problems: Tips to Overcome Substance Abuse

October 20, 2018

Any kinds of addictions, whether you are doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking heavily, will certainly destroy you sooner or later. When a person becomes an addict, it is almost certain that he will become a lair, cheater, fraudster, and a difficult person. Unless, the addict is willing to listen to people, nobody can help […]

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Women and Religion: Why Are Women Excluded From Religion

September 11, 2018

Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, once noted that “Women are prevented from playing a full and equal role in many faiths, creating an environment in which violations against women are justified.” In a speech  delivered to the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Australia Mr. Carter said. “The belief that women are […]

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Modern Renditions of the Tragedies of Greek Playwright Euripides

July 29, 2018

Biography of Euripides Euripides is one of the three great tragedians of classical Greek dramas. He was born in 484 BC, in Athens and died in 406, Macedonia. Historians debate about his lineage, some say his mother sold herbs and his father was a retailer, while others say he came from well off family. Euripides […]

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Ancient Greek Playwright Aeschylus: His Life and Works

June 16, 2018

Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides are the three great Greek tragedians. However, Aeschylus (525 BC – 456 BC) is considered to be the father of Greek Tragedy. He was a great innovator of dramatics, he wrote approximately 90 plays. It is believed that he was the first Greek dramatist to write drama trilogy. Before Aeschylus produced […]

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Chinese Opera/Peking Opera: History, Performance Culture and Costumes

May 2, 2018

China is the third largest country in the world, occupying one-fourteenth of the earth’s total landmass, and almost the size of entire Europe. The current population of China is 1.37 billion, which makes it the largest country in terms of population density. China is not only a large country because of landmass and population, but […]

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Buddhist Non-canonical Literature: Milindapanha

March 27, 2018

“As long as you understand beauty to be beautiful, ugliness will exist,” said the Buddha. The Buddhist Scriptures When the Buddha spoke to his followers, he wanted to illustrate the duality of human existence. The aforementioned quote emphasizes that different emotions and various phenomena are the two faces of the same reality. Buddhism is a […]

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Was the Buddha Real Person? Did the Buddha Really Exist?

February 1, 2018

The Buddha is a Sanskrit word, which means the Enlightened One. When the historical Buddha was living, he asked his followers and monks to refer him as Tathagata (literally the one who knows). After his death, Buddha became more common name for the founder of Buddhism. The Buddha and Buddhism The Buddha is the founder […]

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What is Psychoanalysis? How Psychotherapy is Used to Treat Depression

January 9, 2018

Psychoanalysis is a method to treat mental disorders. In psychoanalysis, unconscious mind is unraveled thus making a person adaptive to his/her emotions and environment. Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) is the father Psychoanalysis. Oedipus complex is one of the notable theories of Sigmund Freud. Erik Erikson elaborated Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis and proposed psychosocial stage […]

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Carl Jung Theory of Electra Complex

November 2, 2017

Electra complex, in psychoanalysis, is a daughter’s rivalry towards her mother and unconscious physical desire for her father. Sigmund Freud propounded the theory of Oedipus complex in The Interpretation of Dreams, in 1899. And Swiss psychologist Carl Jung proposed that female equivalent of Oedipus complex is Electra complex. When Carl Jung coined Electra complex in […]

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