Secrets of Happiness: How to Find Happiness in Life

The world is intrinsically dual in the nature.  Whatever religion you follow, your theologies talk about God as well as Devils. The nights are long, but there are also long days as well. Rain is not permanent, it will stop raining and soon there will be shine. You are also in the same situation, you might be sad at the moment, however, soon, something will occur and you will become happy.

What is happiness exactly?

Happiness is not something that you can see or touch, happiness is a mental state, an emotional. You cannot see or touch happiness, but you can feel and experience happiness. Therefore, it is really hard to say what makes a person happy. Happiness depends on how your mind perceives things or situations. A certain thing or situation that makes you happy will not make you happy always. Once you liked this person very much, you were always happy to be in his company. Now, you find this person irritating, you are not happy to be with him. Thus, you can conclude that happiness is a transient feeling, a person or thing will never give you happiness.

It is true that happiness is a mental state, however, there is something more than this. In fact, happiness is affected by physical activities. Your husband gives you a diamond ring for your birthday, you are very happy. Diamond ring, a physical thing, made you happy. Well happiness is not always about receiving material things. In the morning you open your eyes, your wife kisses you. She walks to the window and draws curtain, morning sun peeps into the room. This makes you very happy.

How to find happiness in life?

It is really hard to say how you can find happiness in life. Happiness is a mental state and it is affected by your situation and mood. You can find happiness in simple thing such as having a cup of coffee when you want it most, get the job you always wanted, travel to the place, you always wanted to go and such more etc. The truth about happiness is it different for different people. A poor man will be happy with a house and car. However, the person who already has a house and car, wants different thing, thus, house and car are not his source of happiness.

True happiness is all about being contented with what you have. You already have iPhone64, however, you crave for iPhone X. You are unhappy. If you thing about all those people who do not have an iPhone or any other smartphone, you can find happiness.

There are many reasons to be happy. You open your eyes and look at your plants in the garden. Your dog wags tail and jumps on your lap. You visit your father and mother, they smile at you, you will have a reason to smile. Your wife brings you your morning tea, your wife just enters the house and you announce, “Honey dinner is ready.’

You already have reasons to become happy, all you have to do is open your eyes and ears.

Success Vs Happiness

Do you become happy when you are successful? You are successful, are you happy?

What do you think life is all about? What is the main objective of life? What is the ultimate aim of human life?

You get married, make love, have kids. You make money, you purchase house and car, you travel; you listen to music, read books, watch films; you help other individuals, you explore God. Whatever you are doing, you are looking only for happiness.

Maybe Not!

You are an entrepreneur and you want to drive sales, make profits. You are a writer and you have a desire to become the best seller. You are a clerk in a company, you want to become a manager. What are you actually expecting from life: To become successful entrepreneur, successful writer, and successful employee. Your ultimate aim is finding success in life.

Success and happiness: are they connected?

Do you see any connection between success and happiness?

All human actions are targeted towards achieving happiness, pleasure and joy. Desires for nice job, more money, nice car, nice house, good wife/husband/children are some of the ways to find happiness, pleasure and joy. The desires for good job, more money, and nice car can be related to success. A loving wife/husband and lovely children are related to happiness.

What is important for us: find a right partner and be settled in a happy family, or seek ambitious goals and become successful? So, human beings desire for success as well as happiness. Given a choice what will you choose? To put this in another words what is important for human beings, happiness or success?

Some people do not like to separate success and happiness. They believe if an individual is successful, they are happy, and if they are happy, they are successful. Happiness means they have achieved their aim and ambitions, they have found what they were seeking. Success means their desire is fulfilled, they are content because their wants and wishes are fulfilled. In simple words, a successful individual is happy, and a happy man/woman is a successful person.

Contrarily, some people differentiate happiness with being successful. They believe happiness is a mental state and being successful is the physical state of achievements which shows that you have reached your goal.

Becoming successful versus being happy

Success and happiness are more or less related. Success means you get what you wished for. If you have what you wanted, you become happy. If you are in the state of happiness, it means you have what you wanted, which can be interpreted as success.

Success beings happiness, however, the secret of happiness is don’t wish for more.

If you want one wish to be fulfilled what would it be?

I don’t know what your answer is, but mine is…

I want a second wish.

Jokes apart, asking for second wish will make you unhappy. Your desire never ends, if your one wish is fulfilled you will always desire for another wish. There is no end to desire, no stoppage to wishes and wants.

You are successful, are you happy? You are happy, are you successful?

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  1. thnx a lot for writing this article about happiness.
    I can’t buy happiness but I can live a happy life

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