Do You Need a Company to Feel Loved or Remain Happy?

Is this an advert for a dating site?

And when I say “Do you need a company to feel loved or stay happily then no I am not talking about a dating or marriage sites like these 

No certainly not!

But it’s all about how you can enjoy your life even I you are alone. No, I am also not saying this because it’s Valentine’s Day today and I am feeling the kick of the day or anything like this-

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” No, I didn’t say that but Tom Bodett said that.

But if you have no one to live with or stay all on your own does that mean you have no right to be happy or be loved? But then the question arises-

How long can you stay all alone?

Dear friends, my answer is that a time comes when we feel totally alone in our life and it’s applicable for all including full time married people like me, (full time because my wife travels with me everywhere I go to). The reason- we feel hesitant sharing our problems with our partners, exceptions are there though.

I don’t say it’s a symptom of sickness if it happens once in a while but it rings a bell if happens often or for longer durations. My wife doesn’t go out often to her relatives or friends leaving me alone but whenever she does I feel alone, (cooking is my problem too).

Jokes apart, tell me how you would feel if you’re left alone in a room for few hours where there is no one to talk to you, no television, no gadgets, no internet etc. Oh that’s a scary feeling for me. Can you tell me how long would you be able to stand that situation?

On a more serious note, most people feel lonely or sad because they have no friends or company but these are not the only reasons as some people go through such feeling even if they have lots of people around. But that’s something for everyone, each and everyone experiences loneliness sometimes in their life, and that’s a horrible time beyond description as feeling might differ from person to person.

By the way did you read

My most favorite way to keep myself busy is to write something and post on my favorite sites. I find it the best way to move past my feelings of loneliness. By the way it is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.”- Adlai Stevenson

You like it overcrowded?

To be frank, as far I’m concerned I am not comfortable in overcrowded places or functions with loud music or for the sake of meeting unknown people. You will be surprised to note that when I feel lonely I go sit in a park alone watching birds or sit at the bank of a river watching people from a distance and I instantly feel excited. So I always try to enjoy myself in the activities of my interest.

9 thoughts on “Do You Need a Company to Feel Loved or Remain Happy?

  1. A good approach to the topic that is very important on the world that is becoming very resclusive these days.

  2. You are alone in the crowd because you always think about saving yourself when you are in a crowd. When you are alone, people from your memories come to visit you.

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