What’s In a Man’s Mind?

If you search “What’s in a man’s mindon Google, you will find an illustration of Sigmund Freud with a naked girl on the head. In the illustration, a woman’s folded leg is Freud’s nose and pubic hair is Freud’s eyebrow.  It is a popular illustration of an optical illusion that demonstrates the main thesis of Sigmund Freud.

Aforementioned optical illusion is available as a poster art with Sigmund Freud’s name written on it. Since the poster contains illustration of Freud and a naked girl, it is often associated with psychological theories related to sex. I don’t know who created this illustration, however, it is very popular pop art

I cannot share the illustration for two reasons:

Some of you might consider it too vulgar (because it contains a naked girl);

I don’t have creative commons license to share the pop art.

The image I have shared here is my version of “What’s in a man’s mind.” In the picture, you can see a Buddhist monk on the foreground, and a bikini model and a wine bottle in the background. The picture is a manipulated image, which demonstrates my version of “what’s in a man’s mind.” Even though he is a monk, the man is thinking about women and wine.

Based on my observation and understanding, I find most of the men too much occupied with WOMEN, WINE and WEALTH, or three Ws in short.  Generalization is bad, however, in 99 out of 100 cases, men are talking about women, wine and wealth. Three Ws extensively feature in a man’s thinking as well as talking.

According to the popularly held belief, men think too much about women (sex), are very passionate about drinking (alcohol consumption) and give wealth (money) too much priority. There might be exceptions; however, I strongly believe that men are too much obsessed with sex, alcohol, and money.

In order to understand a man’s mind and whether my assumption is right or wrong, I decided to take a survey and ask couple of questions:

  • What’s in a man’s mind?
  • Are men are too much obsessed with women, wine, and wealth?

The survey was carried in an online forum.  The participants were men and women across cultures and countries. There were mixed views. Some responder totally agreed with my view on “what’s in a man’s mind,” whereas some partially agreed. Some responders disagreed with the statement that women, wine and wealth are in a man’s mind. Those who disagreed even said it is very unfair to label men as obsessed with women, wine and wealth. Some responder thought it was very bad idea to generalize men as obsessed with three Ws.

Here are some responses to “What’s in a man’s mind” and “Are men too much obsessed with women, wine and wealth?” In order to avoid duplicity, I have made minor changes to the responses. However, the main thesis of the answer is well preserved. In order to maintain privacy, only the first name is mentioned.

What’s In A Man’s Mind?

David: Dating with beautiful girls and drinking with good friends.

John: Maybe some think too much about women, wine and wealth, but not all men. If you think so, you would be stereotyping.

Michelle: I disagree that men always think about three Ws

Samuel: These things may come in a man’s mind when he has nothing to do or think. When we are free we may end up thinking about women who may not be in bikini.

Are men are too much obsessed with women, wine and wealth?

Dianna: Possibly, this could be a woman’s perspective. Normally, men openly talk about their thoughts, thus, many women have a negative view men. Off course, some men think too much about women, wine and wealth, however, women might also be obsessed with these things.

Julie: My ex was too much obsessed with these things, he almost could not live without girls, alcohol and money. However, I believe not all men are preoccupied with three Ws.

Samuel: If you stereotype men as preoccupied with women, wine and wealth, you also have to stereotype women as preoccupied with beautification, gossips and fame. Both of these ideas are not true. There are individuals who fit on the statement, but this does not mean all are same.

June: Being a woman I can say most of the men off course love women, and it is very normal. However, it is hard to say. When men don’t want women, they want money.

Michelle: Some men are attracted towards women, wine and wealth, but not all men. Some men want more than this.

Danny: The first thing any man wants is money. When he has money, women and wine both are easy to be found. Actually, men and women, both are preoccupied with money.

Sara: Man’s mind is often interpreted as obsessed with sex, hungry for money and occupied with alcohol. I believe women also think too much about sex, money and alcohol. To be honest, it is very prejudiced to group all men into the same category.

Sheila: I am not sure whether all man can be termed obsessed with three Ws. My husband is workaholic, he is too much preoccupied with work.

What’s In a Man’s Mind? Have Your Say

Do you agree all that men have in their mind are: sex, alcohol, and money? Do you believe that men are too much obsessed with three Ws.  If your answer is more than yes, no, or don’t know, you can share your views in the comment box.

27 thoughts on “What’s In a Man’s Mind?

  1. this article seems interesting. though i cannot recommend to all but the way it presents is very refreshing during my off time.

  2. Sometimes really difficult to read man;s mind. Man mostly look very tough and shoulder every tough situation without tear. But sometimes you can see his is alone and siting quietly alone

  3. Man has lot more to do than thinking about wine or woman but wealth is sure something which attracts him. I know some men are more attracted to women and wine but their number is not too big.

  4. In my opinion, it cannot be denied that generally what in man’s mind is not a surprise – the pleasures in life that usually incorporate women aside from wealth. However, despite this fact, we cannot blame men of such notion because they are designed to be like that. I like this article, it speaks truth or honesty about men.

  5. yes they do like but no men are so obsessed with women,money and alcohol. if yes that is just to a particular man bt not all the men

  6. wow I really loved this article and the way Vinaya explain things we can not see clearly about every single men…thanks a lot!

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