Why We Suffer? How To End Our Suffering? How to Live Worry Free Life

All we seek in life is happiness, yet we encounter suffering every moment. About 2600 years ago, the Buddha discovered a truth that there is suffering in the world. According to the Buddha, there is suffering in the world, suffering has a cause, suffering can be ended. In order to end suffering, the Buddha propounded the Eightfold Path.

The truths the Buddha discovered are referred as the Four Noble Truths. In this article, we will discuss on suffering. The article will answer questions like:

  • Why we suffer?
  • How to end our suffering?

Why do we suffer in life?

The root of suffering is attachment – The Buddha

In order to understand why we suffer, we need to first understand what is suffering.

Death is suffering. When someone dies, we suffer. Why does death bring suffering? Because death separates us from those we love and care. We suffer from the death of someone we love and care because death brings grief and fear.  We are afraid of death, we become sad due to death because we do not understand the role death plays in human evolution.

We have enemies. We suffer from the words and actions of our enemies. Why do we have enemies? Why do we suffer from their words and actions?

Our physical consciousness has a limitation. Our limitation does now allow us to perceive the unity of all life or realize that our wrong thoughts, words and actions have repercussion. What you do is what you get. There is nothing left of us except to suffer.

We want a good life, yet we suffer from poverty and disease. Why poverty and disease make us suffer? That’s because our ignorance creates their existence. Unless we can understand poverty and diseases as natural events, we will continue to suffer.

All forms of suffering we experience are nothing but just the reactions from our ignorant mind. When we comprehended the illusory nature of things and phenomena, sufferings will disappear.

How To End Suffering in Life?

The human beings suffer from death. It is nothing but just our ignorance. In order to end suffering of death, we need to sweep away our comprehension. When fear vanishes, a serene happiness takes place.

Evil thoughts, words and actions bring suffering. In order to end this suffering you have to cease your evil thoughts, words and actions. We think evil, we talk evil, we do evil because you are ignorant human beings. The suffering from these evils will end only when spiritual illumination comes. We will no longer stumble upon the darkness of ignorance.

We suffer from poverty and diseases because we do not understand what poverty or diseases are? Suffering from poverty and disease will end when we understand the nature’s lesson. These are nothing but just passing events.

Spiritual illumination alone can shed light on our path and give us strength to move forward safely by ending the obstacles that lie before us.

We need to become wise to get away from suffering. We become wise not though the materials we gather in life, but from the illumination that we gain by developing our soul.

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19 thoughts on “Why We Suffer? How To End Our Suffering? How to Live Worry Free Life

  1. Suffering is only to be thought of as a positive experience in the case of achieving a higher meaning of life, such as Jesus suffering for the lives of other people as was the case during the atonement.

  2. La mayor parte del tiempo sufrimos por situaciones imaginarias y no por cosas reales. La culpa, el arrepentimiento por cosas que pasaron y no tienen solucion y la preocupacion por cosas que aun no suceden son zonas erroneas que debemos eliminar y asi sufrir menos.

  3. really good knowlege. thank you so much for sharing your ideas. i hope it will help us to overcome suffers.

  4. This post is really informational. As we suffer a lot from various problems, tension, and more specially our personal attachment towards any individual gives us more pain when we loose them. So Buddha has given a very fine solution to solve or overcome from those problems. thank you for such helpful post.

  5. nice information and you explained how an ordinary free life can be live with happiness , good article

  6. It is helpful.People suffering a lot now a day from stress.This post is really informational.Thanks for sharing this with us.

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