How Important is Money For Happiness?

No matter what the intellectuals or the spiritualists think or speak, the practical reality of MONEY is that it is the bare necessity of survival. You need love in your life and you need to live a healthy life, however, everything is all but a waste if love and health are not coupled with enough money. Money is what decides whether the day to day survival will be easy or tough. In all aspects of life, money seems to solely determine the quality of life.

There are numerous indicators of happiness, and the main of course is money. Let’s categorize people into three groups and try to analyze their happiness index in terms of survival.

1.    The luckiest are those who always have an excess of money. Their earnings are far better than their expenses and this allows them to spend whenever and wherever they want. They, of course, have a lot of issues, however, their issues are in no way related to money in most cases.

2.    And there are those with a limited income, thus deprived of a lot of things, yet living a satisfactory lifestyle, because these people are focused only on the basic things that require minimal funds. They are by and large satisfied with what they have at their disposal.

3. The category which struggles the most is the Middle class. The income flow is limited but expenses are always high. They live with all the basic amenities but constantly strive for an upgrade. This never-ending quest for getting more and more makes each day appear as a never-ending battle. The urge to live a lavish life leaves them dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction leads to distress and a life overloaded with financial issues.

You might be listening to a lot of “happiness guru” or “financial advisers,” however, no one but only you can help yourself. Here’s how you can get:

1.  Learn to monitor control: Most of our expenses are an inability to monitor self-control. Avoid impulsive buying and validate the need for spending before moving forward with the purchase. A thing which appears very important at the moment can appear as a wasteful expense a few hours later. Sit and think with a relaxed mind before you spend.

2.  Stop impressing others: Live for yourself and not for others. Sad but true, most of our purchases are the things that we acquire just to impress our friends, family, relaives, and society in general. Show what you are and stop pretending. Try to rise above this and this will help you to focus on much-needed aspects of your life.

3.    Spend only if you have it: This is one factor which if adopted would help to solve many problems. There is no materialistic thing that can affect the living. The standard of living might be compromised for some time but there will be no great harm. Make it a practice to spend only when you have enough. This will leave you with enough money to fulfilling your basic needs.

4.    Saving is important: Even a little percentage of savings from your income will help you to gain peace of mind because you know you have enough money for an emergency.  The saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned” always holds true.

5.    Plan your budget: A properly planned approach for handling finances is much better than an unplanned one. Start by making a list of things that you need most, food, for instance, things that you don’t need badly, for instance, a new Tshirt as you already a lot of old stuff, and things that you don’t need, a packet of chips to eat while watching TV. You can start cutting expenses on things that you don’t need.

6.    Count your blessings: Humans often forget to value all that they have and get attracted to what others have. Concentrate on things, good things, you have. Concentrating on positive aspects of life will help you develop optimism and this will make you less sad when you encounter problem. This will also help you understand the true value of your possession.

Money Equals Happiness! But NOT Always

Plan your money. Planning money does not mean looking for ways to make more money. Well, you need to make more because of ever-increasing necessities, however, always concentrating on how to earn more will make you sad. Therefore, start with how to best use the resources you have. This will help you to regulate the levels of finance associated with stress. Nothing can replace the importance of money. Before you can be happy, you need to survive and only money can guarantee your survival. If you are unhappy, you cannot use your money to buy happiness. However, the money of course is important entity for a happy life.

11 thoughts on “How Important is Money For Happiness?

  1. This post is really informational. As we suffer a lot from various problems, tension, and more specially our personal attachment towards any individual gives us more pain when we loose them. So Buddha has given a very fine solution to solve or overcome from those problems. thank you for such helpful post.

  2. nice information and you explained how an ordinary free life can be live with happiness , good article

  3. happiness is a state of mind. There are people who are happy even when they do not have anything and there are people who are unhappy even when they have almost everything.

  4. You don’t need money to become happy, however, it is far better to cry in Mercedes compared to the footpath.

  5. Money cannot bring in happiness. but we need it for survival.Happiness comes when you find peace in your innerself

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