How to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the byproducts of getting old. Getting old is natural and you cannot stop your age. However, sometimes the signs of aging come too sooner making you feel miserable. When you start crossing your thirties you start having fine lines all over your face and neck. You start having wrinkles first on your temples, at the side of eyes, and at the sides of your mouth. These can exaggerate in lesser time if you do not do anything to prevent them. There are a few tips recommended by skin experts that work wonders for getting rid of wrinkles from your face and other body parts.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great anti-oxidant agent, it has a lot of Vitamin A and E. You can not only use olive oil in cooking and get the benefits of healthy fats but also massage your face and neck with olive oil to erase the early signs of aging. Massaging with olive oil also promotes cell regeneration, thus providing a new and refreshing look. You will also have a glowing skin as massaging with olive oil will hydrate your skin and remove dead cells to give elasyicity and glowing skin

Aloe Vera

Probably, aloe vera is the most popular ingredient used in beauty products. Aloe vera is used in hair care products, dental products, and skincare products. The aloe gel is very useful in soothing the skin and getting the right kind of pH balance required for the skin. Apart from hydrating skin, cleansing skin, giving nutrients for the skin for cell growth, aloe vera has also been very useful in getting rid of wrinkles as well. You can extract fresh aloe gel from an aloe leaf and can apply all over your neck and face. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then that wash your face with water. If you use aloe gel regularly, you can feel the difference just in a few days.


Ginger is a medicinal plant. It has a lot of benefits from managing your gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure, diabetes to making your hair grow faster, stronger, and even removing the fine lines from your face. Ginger has compounds that have anti-aging properties. It has a huge amount of antioxidants, which is highly beneficial in reducing wrinkles. So, how do you use ginger as anti-wrinkle herb? make a paste of ginger, you can add honey and turmeric if you want, and apply the mixture on your skin. wash after 20 minutes. Including ginger in your daily diet can also help.


Almonds have folic acid, which is good for your hair and skin. Vitamin C and E in almonds also work to remove wrinkles from your skin. Apart from low-calorie diet and healthy fats, eating almonds regularly can also help you delay your aging and remove early signs of aging. You can also mix the almond paste with milk and sit it for a couple of hours and apply it on the targeted areas. This will erase wrinkles as well as remove dark spots.


Pineapple is not only amazing to taste and fruit with a lot of health benefits, but it is also equally useful as something to be used as beauty remedies. Pineapples have enzymes that exfoliate skin thus removing dirt and dead cells. The enzymes in pineapple can also remove wrinkles. Massage your face with a slice of pineapple, let your skin soak juice for 20 minutes and wash with water.

Last but not the least. The most important think to get rid of early signs of aging such as wrinkles is by developing positive attitude in life, eating healthy food, exercising regularly and living stress free life.

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