How To Learn Better, Faster

Learning is a never ending process, people will be learning until the death knocks them down. You will learn better only when you have learning skills. You need to develop skills like concentration, reading and listening, remembering, time management, etc.

Begin with gathering the resources for learning. Learning involves reading, writing, listening, watching, and practicing. You need to have books, notebooks, videos, podcasts etc. You also need to work smart. For effective learning, you need to work smart. Working smart implies using the right tools to study.

Here are some of the proven methods to learn better, faster.

Prepare yourself to learn: In order to learn, you need to be prepared for learning. Without preparations, you cannot learn.

Shake off your anxiety and stress. If your mind is anxious and stressful, you cannot learn. You can learn well only when your mind is at peace.

Develop deep concentration: You need to concentrate on lessons to learn it. Without concentration, you cannot learn.

Watching documentaries: Documentaries are audio-visual presentations of facts and events. Documentary helps in better understanding.

Learning through stimulation: Stimulation refers to an act of arousing people to perform an action. By stimulating the learners’ mind, it will be easier to impart knowledge.

Learning by solving puzzles and word games: By solving puzzles you are always learning something new, it can be a new word or new information.

Don’t compare yourself with others:  When you compare yourself with people who know better than you, you will be discouraged to learn. Instead of comparison, focus on enhancing your knowledge on the subject that you knows better.

Learning sessions: According to the experts at the Louisiana State University’s Center for Academic Success, learning session that is less than 30 minutes is not enough to learn the subject, likewise, if the session is longer than 50 minutes, the learners lose their interest.

Taking a short break between the learning sessions: Research has shown that if you study something for a certain time and take a break and come back to study again, your brain will retain what you have studied.

Research: Researching is a great way to learn. When you research about something, you will know about it.

Brainstorming: Two minds are always better than one mind, likewise, three minds are better than two minds. Therefore, brainstorming is great method to generate and elaborate ideas. Brainstorming or group discussion can help you learn faster, better.

Learning through trial and error: If you don’t try, you will not learn. In order to learn something, you should never be afraid of the mistakes that you are going to make.

20 thoughts on “How To Learn Better, Faster

  1. If you have a good teacher, you can learn pretty fast because a good teacher can give you good tips on how to become a better learner. A good teacher also can use easy to follow teaching methods that helps a learner learn very fast.

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  3. I am a learner, speed of my learning depends on the topics I am trying to learn. When it comes to learn maths I am slow learner, when it comes to learn biology, I am pretty fast learner. How fast we can learn depends on the topics you are studying.

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  5. the physical act of touching pen to paper creates a stronger cognitive link to the material than merely typing, which happens far too quickly for retention to take place.

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