How to Maintain Healthy Weight by Sleeping Well

Importance of Quality Sleep

The duration of sleep according to the age groups vary from person to person. A newborn baby sleeps almost 22 hours, however, he does not sleep continuously 22 hours, he will be awake every 3-4 hours and will go to sleep shortly. A toddler sleeps around 12 hours. As you grow older, sleeping hours also go on decreasing. For example, by the time you reach adulthood, you will be sleeping 8-9 hours. However, how much you sleep and how many hours of sleep your body needs are two different things. How many hours of sleep an adult needs depends on various factors.

Required sleeping hours depend on gender, age, nature of work, weather etc. An adult who does a lot of manual labor has to sleep at least 9 hours. However, for someone who does desk work 7 hours of sleep might be enough. When you sleep, not only your body and mind get rest but the body also goes into repair and self-healing process. Therefore, you need to sleep well to be healthy and fit. Sleeping well means sleeping deep, without seeing dreams. If you see dreams, you don’t get a proper sleep. If you understand these factors about sleep, you will be able to get all the benefits of sleep.

An average adult needs 8 hours of sleep on average. However, for many people getting 8 hours of sleep becomes impossible for various reasons, for instance, they can’t sleep because they have sleeping problems due to stress, anxiety, etc.; or, time does not allow them to sleep longer, or they do no have comfortable beds etc. When a person cannot get proper sleep he will experience a lot of health complications. When an individual cannot get 8 hours of sleep at night, he tries to compensate that loss by napping in the day time. There was a time when people considered napping to be a sign of laziness, however, day time nap is no longer considered laziness. In reality if napping properly utilized, it can rejuvenate especially after a sleepless night.

Healthy Sleep is the key

But why do we need 6-8 hours healthy sleep? For a simple reason, your sleeping habits can increase or decrease the energy needs of your body. While you’re sleeping at night (or day) the movements reduce therefore need for calories are also reduced in the same ratio. Now if you did not have enough healthy sleep, your brain will feel it and some chemicals will release that will signal the need of more energy. Do you this can lead to obesity because in that case you might eat more resulting gaining weight.

Corporate world knows the importance of quality sleep. Also the researches show the importance of napping for a few minutes in the afternoon which helps in increasing productivity and efficiency. Most corporate companies in IT sector now encourage and provide facilities for their employees to take a power nap. It may sound strange again but this facility is available in corporate world.

Napping helps too

The provision of napping was first introduced in a car industry running in collaboration with a Japanese company in our country after that it spread in many other companies. Remember, sleep recharges your spent energies therefore it is one of the important conditions for recuperation of energy to our body. We easily go to sleep while fatigued and unwilling to do anything but feel refreshed after taking a good quality sleep and ready to work again.

Fixed sleeping hours are important

It is advised that if you try to go to sleep at the same time every day it helps although I find it difficult to sleep at same time every day but it should help as your body gets accustomed to this pattern. And it goes without saying that if you get a quality sleep, you shall wake up naturally and fully fresh.

Tiring your body or brain helps you sleep

 There are certain factors that should help you in case you are not able to sleep or not even feeling like sleeping the best thing to do is to make your body enough tired by indulging in some physical work.   Tiring up your brain also helps you sleep better, so read a book or newspaper at bed time, especially something which you find uninteresting, you will soon fall asleep.

I hope your bed is comfortable?

There are different mattresses available in the market according to your comfort level. Select one carefully and see the difference. Do you know that people living in hot areas can go for the ones that have cooling effects so you can stay comfortable during your sleep and keep yourself from getting too warm while you sleep?  

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