What to do When Making Money Activities Start Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health

A lot of people think all their endeavors geared towards making money give them extreme pleasure

Do you think money is extreme pleasure?

It’s one of those posts which I write seldom but feeling different right now. Actually, I met someone in my office when I was about to leave for home at my fixed 1 PM. He is not my friend but I know him for a long time as he is one of our company’s distributors. He was here for a meeting with our marketing director. I was not much surprised the way he behaved because he has earned a lot of money through his multiple business ventures during the last decade. We are of course not talking about how he made money or what piece of advice he can offer to those who want to follow his path. Let’s have some personal moments where money has no entry.

What I felt different in him that he was not responding normally but looked too disturbed while answering my questions. He had a disturbed mood, his phone rang like every 2 minutes. Looked like he was trying to avoid answering those calls. His body language and temperament revealed that he was very upset and he response was nit appropriate to the moment.

He reminded me of Neal Elgar Miller, an American experimental psychologist who worked on experiments where he studied how people’s ideas reflected on behavior in real-life situations. He concluded the biggest problem for this generation was that the people had no time. He emphasized the need for proper rest for keeping ourselves prepared for the next project.

Being rich is fine but think about your mental peace

There is no doubt that as much a person becomes richer he loses his liveliness in the process. The biggest problem of a man is that he has no time for himself. He acquired physical property but has lost his mental freedom. If we do not have time for rest which, is the key to recharging our brain and body, then we shall not be able to do anything in a proper way.

We have our own reasons to speak in favor or against the present-day time-management methods but we all need to agree that time-management is important but not at the cost of the personal and family life of a person. If you’re unable to feel relaxed during your work or feel too stressed then you should recheck your work schedule. Getting rest should be in the list of priorities of your life along with work.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that when we concentrate too much on the outer world, search for new ways of earning, looking for new ways of entertainment with gadgets, or concentrate too much on artificial happiness, your mind gets too much tired. The only thing that can relieve you is when you stop all your money related activities. Better stop thinking about everything because your system needs rest.

Thinking too much about outer activities and giving no time to your mental peace will tire you to a point of no recovery. You could manage to save yourself from reaching that stage only if you could control by putting a total shut down on all your activities once in a while. Just give yourself a break from the outer world and live with your own self and your loved ones.

8 thoughts on “What to do When Making Money Activities Start Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health

  1. I work hard and try to make a lot of money. I try to grab every opportunity so that I can sleep soundly in my old age.

  2. We need to be mindful of our health. If we damage our health while earning money, what’s the point of earning money.

  3. In our young age, we need to work a lot and save money as much as we can so that in our old age we can get proper rest.

  4. We need money for everything, even to get a proper rest. That’s right, we need a proper room and proper furniture to get a proper rest.

  5. The statement is very true. We of course need to earn money, however, if we do not give importance to our health what is the point of damaging our health to make money. After all we are making money for comfort of our body, good health of our body.

  6. The announcement is valid. We obviously need to acquire cash, notwithstanding, on the off chance that we don’t offer significance to our wellbeing what is the purpose of harming our wellbeing to bring in cash. After all we are bringing in cash for solace of our body, great wellbeing of our body.

  7. In the race of collecting lots of wealth, we tends to forget about our health. So people should maintain their health and work balance.

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