Why You Should Not React Too Sharp

Do you react too sharp?

Action and Reaction

We all know about the Law of Action-Reaction and I have no intention to go into its scientific definition which describes it as – the forces on the two objects are equal in magnitude. While the forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, the accelerations of the objects are not necessarily equal in magnitude- but what I have in my mind is its impact in social life.

WE often see it happening in real life people reacting too strongly when they listen something against them or not in their favor as per their expectation. Actually, an unreasonable reaction without listening fully to the speaker is nothing but shows weakness of our personality that can well be classified as personality disorder.

 A person who reacts too sharp on small things is probably at risk of playing in the hands of others. He has no proper thinking power or maybe suffering from other problems like arrogance, anger, greed, etc. However, the majority of people suffer from such problems as living a reaction-free life in an entity is hard to attain. It takes a lot of effort to reach a level where a person could stay calm while facing criticism or take it positively.

Why do they react so sharp?

If you go deeper into the matter, you will find that some people react before hearing the whole sentence or without even having the idea about the intention of the speaker. However, that makes speaker upset because his intention was not to criticize the listener but he was only talking in a general way. It will hurt you in the beginning for sure but you will see that you are slowly getting closer to your object.

Now, the question arises whether we can avoid the situation and stay calm while facing criticism? Yes, you can but you will have to work on your power of tolerance. You will have to learn how to control your feelings in such a situation.

Reaction for insulting situation

A person could face insulting situations in many ways like being physical by way of slapping, punching or in some cases even spitting at looking someone. But there is nothing hurts worse than a verbal insult whether it comes directly or indirectly.

Now we come to another form of action, a verbal insult in form jokes mimicry or ironic comments or even funny facial expressions could hurt as much as direct insult. You will have to learn to control your emotions and how you react in a situation like that. How would you react in such cases?

Now these are different from the way you act and react in while you listening to someone in a situation of arrogance, anger, greed etc. Most probably you will react in an angry way but that’s perhaps the worst way of tackling the situation.

Maybe you would like to try insult simulator for fun

Then what, would you accept it? Maybe you will laugh at my suggestion but that is perhaps the best way of tackling the situation but we will have to see that who the person is and why he is doing so. Is he our well-wisher like our teacher, parents, a good friend.


If the insult is not from anyone that we can ignore then what, should we react in the same manner? I personally think that in such a case we should handle them according to situation. I could have quoted hundreds of famous personalities on this but I love this one-

Have the daring to stop doing the things you really don’t want to do. Can you see them? Look closely. Can you observe the many things you do because you reluctantly feel you should or must? Watch closely. Examine every action and reaction. Do you act naturally or do you act because you feel compelled? If you feel compelled, stop. Compulsion is slavery. Example: Refuse to go along with the crowd .

Vernon Howard

My question is- Do you react too sharp? Yes, when it comes to actions and bad behavior from people whom you know or maybe in case when it comes from strangers!

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Not React Too Sharp

  1. I think meditation helps you to calm your mind. When your mind is calm, you can stop yourself from reacting sharp and quick

  2. Everyone knows you should not react sharp, you should not be angry, however, no one actually knows how not to reach sharp and how not to become angry.

  3. wow I really loved this article and the way the author has explained things we can not see clearly about every single man…thanks a lot!

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